The wisdom of the carver.

It was a beautiful day; I decided to visit a great carver to at least learn from him; understand his perspective about life and business.
When I got to his shop, he was completing a particular work that was very artistic and beautiful.

When I commended him for his great work, he smiled and continued his work, but I was eager to know why he only smiled without uttering a word.
When a customer came to buy the product, it was very expensive and yet the customer paid immediately without him even talking much.

Then I asked him to tell me his business strategy but he said he was a pragmatic person that I could experience it as he work on another product.
I watched him start working on his new product, I was their till I got tire and he smiled at me again.

Then he told me that when you spend great time to create a good product you don’t have to spend much time to sell it off.
Now the wisdom, wit and strategy used by the carver is where many individuals and businesses are missing out, they don’t take their time on personal development and product creation processes because when you give in the required time it becomes very easy for you to sell.

Do you prefer selling it immediately because you did a good work in your product creation or do you prefer coming out to sell and not getting the kind of customers that can pay you well.

Don’t even think that when you reduce price and have an average product that you will sell more.
The carver told me that people still pay handsomely for a good product and still recommend the product.
He told me that a sold product is his greatest advert because he always make it attractive to the extent that someone can ask his customer how to get the product.

When you carve yourself and your product creatively and uniquely by spending more time in the work room your product will not stay long in your showroom.
Dag Heward Mills wrote, “If you kick a dog when it is a few days old, it may die, but try kicking a fully grown Doberman or Alsatian dog, you may die. The difference is in process and development.”

To your greatness.

Duru Godwin(G~wins £mpire)

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