Building a successful career, one that would last through generations, birthing several other enterprises and livelihoods is a vision YCF is prepared to achieve.
Using a carefully drafted 3 module plan, we have developed a tested and proved procedure to help you choose the career that is best for you as well as the career that you desire to pursue.

  1. MODULE 1:- EVALUATION: in this module, you are given the opportunity to conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself, you are taken through a process of self discovery, capacity testing and redevelopment; identification of your personality traits and essential skills et al. people who have gone through this module confirms that it is an ample opportunity for one to truly discover their traits, strengths and weaknesses through a rigorous process of self-evaluation. Our experts and consultants agree that upon self discovery could a better choice of career be made.
  2. MODULE 2:- MENTORSHIP: This module gives the participants the privilege of being mentored and groomed by professionals and experts in their choice career. Our mentorship program goes beyond questions and answers, we have carefully created platforms to enable and promote a transparent and effective mentorship with close monitoring. This would further facilitate the growth process of the mentee as our mentors are easily accessible. People currently going through our mentorship program attests that learning by proxy had never been made easier, as they learn online as well as receive experiential guidelines and instructions not just on what and what not to do but also how and how not to; when and when not to. Furthermore, everyone in this program gets to observe firsthand what people in the career they are about to choose do and how they do it before making their choice.
  3. MODULE 3:- ACCREDITATION: Having been taken through the previous module, we are certain you are ready to make the right career choice for yourself, guided by our teams of mentors and experts in the field. Most people who had gone through this stage did not only choose a good career for themselves but also, to a certain degree, were able to guide others right.

Having chose a good career for yourself, we are now concerned to assist you build one that would last because we know that building and sustaining your career is as imperative as choosing the right one. Therefore, our teams of experts have successfully drafted out a 3 module plan based on the success of the previous module; evaluation, mentorship and accreditation, launching you into the career.
Choosing the right career should not be a tedious task nor a difficult one, and we are poised to make the process as easy and effectively productive.


  1. Young creative

    Several Paid Jobs at United Nations Volunteer Programme (Open to most nationalities)

    International UN Volunteers promote peace and development in communities around the globe while upholding the ideals and aspirations of the United Nations.

    You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the UN. This is an opportunity to create a positive impact and be a significant force for achieving peace and development. Make a difference in the lives of many!

    Deadline: different deadlines for each call

    Open to: 25 years old and older with a university degree or higher technical diploma. There are also special calls for youth volunteers

    Benefits: international UN Volunteers are entitled to certain allowances


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